Helping students - improving lives

 Corporate student support

Talented people are everywhere. Your company or organization is always looking for new talent. Within the graduate programmes of the International Training Centre, we bring together talented people from all over the world to train them in life sciences.

Ghent University is a top ranked high quality university that attracts students from all over the world for training and/ or research. Within the University, the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering has a long tradition in international graduate programmes, focusing on the link between education, development cooperation and research. Linking these aspects in the training is definitely an added value for companies, universities and for the student's countries of origin.

Lots of talented students wish to follow courses within our programmes, but few have sufficient financial resources to apply for these programmes. These students can apply for a scholarship from Ghent University – Faculty of Bioscience Engineering. These scholarships are a unique opportunity for the students to change their life and the life of many others in their home country.

Your company or organization can support these students.

  • Your company or organization can support us with an amount between €500 and € 2,500.
  • Your company can become a ‘Friend’ of the University by donating € 3,000-€ 7,000.  
  • Your company can also become a ‘Partner’ by offering a full scholarship to a student by donating € 14,000

There are tax benefits for companies that are funding students. We take care of the administration.

Companies that are supporting students are mentioned on the website and are invited to Ghent University events.

Funding companies can choose the programme for which the funding should be used and have contact with the students benefitting from the scholarship. These companies can be involved in the selection of students.

If you would like more information about funding, don’t hesitate to contact us.