BE Prepared 2018: a Preparatory Programme for degree students

What - Where - When

  • A preparatory programme to refresh your general knowledge of Mathematics, Chemistry, Statistics and/or Economics and laboratory experience
  • Faculty or Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University
  • September 5-21, 2018

For whom

The course is open to all students. The course is (partially) mandatory for students starting the following Master programmes:

Social & Cultural orientation Economy, Statistics, Mathematics Chemistry
 Aquaculture, Nematology, Nutrition & Rural development, Food Technology, Physical Land Resources and IMRD X X X


  • full programme: € 135
  • full programme without chemistry: €85
  • social and culture orientation: €40
  • economy*, statistics*, mathematics*: €50 each
  • chemistry*: €60

* includes the social and cultural orientation sessions


Because you will acquire all essential skills needed for successfully attending a Master of Science programme at the FBE. It is also the perfect moment to get acquainted with your fellow students of your study and year. It offers you the time and space to settle in Ghent, finish all the administrative burdens and get to know your new surroundings. Alongside it will give you a first taste and insight on Belgian academic class and exam culture, so that you can start this new endeavor completely prepared!
Participants who successfully complete the programme will receive a certificate.


Download the programme here

The preparatory course consists of the following programme items:

  • Refresher courses: Chemistry (not for IMRD-students), Mathematics, Economics and Statistics.
  • Workshops: ICT skills and laboratory skills.
  • Social and cultural programme
  • Several information sessions are organized to integrate yourself more easily at the faculty, Ghent University, City of Ghent and in Belgium in general.


  • contact the 
  • application deadline: August 15, 2018