Access Campus

To ensure the safety on Campus Coupure, the entrance will be altered as of 4th February 2017.

 Campus Coupure Badgereaders

On Campus

On weekends and holidays, you can enter the campus by car using the entrances with badge readers. These entrances are marked with a yellow square on the plan.
By bike or by foot, you can enter the campus on weekends and holidays using the entrances without badge readers. These are marked on the plan with blue dots.


In the buildings

On weekends and holidays you can only enter the buildings using your badge. The doors with badge readers are also marked on the plan in by yellow squares.

The buildings not marked with a letter, are only accessible using the key.



Ensure safety

This is the first phase of the plan to reinforce control on the access to the campus, to guarantee the safety. We would like to ask all personnel to assist in guarding the safety by:

  • Not blocking emergency exits with all kinds of material
  • Closing the pedestrian fences after passage
  • Checking that doors are closed after entering


Working after hours

Working on weekends and holidays should be an exception. If you already had access to the buildings after hours, than this will remain the same. If you are not sure, you can test this at the badge reader of your main building.

The faculty follows the same rules as the university concerning applications. More info (in Dutch).


In case of emergency

Stay calm and call (09 264 88) 88.


We count on everyone to take their responsibility in ensuring the safety on the campus and in the buildings.