Leni Linthout

Graduated as a Master in Social Work and Social Pedagogy, I aspire the ambition to advocate for equal rights for people in vulnerable situations - with a particular focus on migrants and refugees.
Between November 2019 and October 2021, I contributed to the implementation of a European project INHeRE.
As from November 2021, I am doing a Joint PhD in Health Sciences (UGent) and Psychology (ULille). I am affiliated to the Gender and Violence research team within the International Centre for Reproductive Health. My doctoral study focusses on forms of violence and its impact on well-being, health and identities of male migrants in French and Belgian transit zones. I apply a mixed-methods study design combining ethnographic fieldwork and quantitative research methods over a longitudinal timespan.
To broaden my knowledge on European policy-making, I am involved in an Master programme on European Integration and Development with a special focus on "Migration" and "Climate governance".

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