REMEDI - General Practitioners' Recommendations to Patients with Mental Health Problems and Diverse Migration Backgrounds

Description: The REMEDI project (2020-2023) aims to gain understanding in general practitioners’ decision making regarding patients with mental health problems in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. It is funded by BELSPO, coordinated by Prof. Piet Bracke (Department of Sociology, Hedera) and carried out in collaboration with Prof. Vincent Lorant and his team (UCLouvain, Department of Public Health).
Website research project:
Promoter(s): Piet Bracke , Vincent Lorant
Researcher(s): Melissa Ceuterick , Katrijn Delaruelle , Camille Duveau , Camille Wets
Faculty / Faculties: Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
Period of time: 2020 - 2023