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2022-12-21 16:00:00+00:20 Moving forward together? Exploring the functioning and politics of Knowledge and Innovation co-production partnerships in European agri-food systems Cronin, Evelien
2022-12-20 14:00:00+00:20 Towards a better understanding of the quality of life of adolescents in youth care: The development of the Quality of Life in Youth Services Scale (QOLYSS) Swerts, Chris
2022-12-20 09:00:00+00:20 The role of psychosocial perspectives in adult education participation: Comparing adults with various educational backgrounds Van Nieuwenhove, Lisse
2022-12-19 15:00:00+00:20 Phenomenology, impact and underlying mechanisms of perceived injustice in the context of pain in children Daenen, Frederick
2022-12-16 16:00:00+00:20 Thinking hurts: on the affective signatures of cognitive control Vermeylen, Luc
2022-12-15 15:30:00+00:20 Decoding neural circuitry using multivoxel pattern analysis (MVPA) and Functional Connectivity (FC) in fMRI data Ontivero Ortega, Marlis
2022-12-13 18:00:00+00:20 Dried blood spots for immunosuppressant drug monitoring: towards a more patient-centric follow-up. Deprez, Sigrid
2022-12-12 17:30:00+00:20 Monde social du diamant en milieu rural à l'heure de la crise de l'administration publique. Cas des villages Nyeme et Onyama au Sankuru en République démocratique du Congo Shongo Tshonda, Augustin
2022-12-12 15:00:00+00:20 Cross-linguistic influence of L1 morphological knowledge in L2. The case of French-English late bilinguals Menut, Amélie
2022-12-07 11:30:00+00:20 Strategic partnership as deterrence? Japan's defense engagement in the evolving international security order Baldauff, Nanae
2022-12-06 18:00:00+00:20 Lipid Nanoparticle Formulation of the TLR3 Agonist PolyI:C as a Vaccine Adjuvant. Lamoot, Alexander