Introduction Day for new PhD students 2018 - workshops

Creating a Data Management Plan - an Introductory Workshop on Research Data Management + Academic Bibliography (Ms Inge Van Nieuwerburgh & Dr Myriam Mertens)

Scientific research is increasingly data-driven. With increasing data volumes and complexity, research data management (RDM) becomes an essential part of good research practice. Research data not only constitute the evidence on which scientific claims are based, but often also have great value beyond the original study for which they are collected. RDM encompasses all activities to ensure that research data are reliable, secure, sustainable, accessible and reusable, and starts with good planning.

This workshop will introduce participants to some key RDM topics and the basics of data management planning. It will include some activities, and participants will have a chance to start creating a data management plan (DMP) for their research project using an online tool.

The workshop will be followed by a practical tips & tricks session on using the UGent Academic Bibliography.


  • participants should bring a laptop or other device with access to Eduroam and a web browser
  • this is an introductory (!) workshop for researchers without much prior knowledge of RDM basics or data management planning

Impact is Coming (Ms Esther Desmet)

The cold steep Wall of Academia seems to have been guarded for many years now. Once in a while some find the cracks or hidden exits. But you still feel that you know nothing and that a scientist should always pay his debts.

Despair no longer – help is at hand. Join Esther for a workshop that will take you on a quest discovering how your research can make a difference for the realms of men. Learn who is friend or foe. Choose your weapons and awake the social dragon within you.

Because impact is coming.

Want to become R.I.Ch. fast? (Ms Stefanie Van der Burght, Dr Katrien Daemen-De Gelder & Dr Dieter De Bruyn)

In order to maintain and improve integrity in everyday research practice, the focus at Ghent University is primarily on promotion of good research practices and prevention of questionable research practices, rather than on excessively elaborating upon rare examples of serious misconduct.

In this workshop you will learn to recognise the various pitfalls researchers may encounter, discover the many resources that are in place to better respond to red flags, and as a result act more confidently when research integrity comes under pressure.

Increase your awareness, use basic tips and tricks, and become a real Research Integrity Champion!

I can, therefore I am. A slightly different method for measuring progress during your PhD (Dr Karen Vandevelde & Dr Nele Bracke)

How about you being the guinea pig rather than the investigator?

This workshops is an experiment to test a new tool for assessing your own competency development during your PhD. Based on the Ghent University Competency Profile, this self-evaluation tool helps you to reflect on your own strengths and identify areas with growth potential. This workshop gives you a unique opportunity to try out this new tool before it is officially launched, and to help us make it even better.

If you take part in this workshop together with a friend or colleague, you can even try the 360° version. Expect to walk out of this workshop with more confidence, more vision, and a clearer picture of your individual skills and talent.