Guidelines for enrolling for regular courses

(1) Log in to OASIS and select ‘Edit curriculum’ for the current academic year (in the left margin)

Manage 1

REMARK: Should you wish to check the current state of your curriculum, select your Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) and click 'Print curriculum'. When clicking 'Curriculum' (right margin of the DTP box) you may not always get the full overview of your completed courses.

(2) Check whether the status of your curriculum for the DTP is ‘Draft’ (‘Ontwerp’) and select ‘Curriculum’ (right margin). In case the status is marked differently, please contact the Doctoral Schools Office ( to change the status. Otherwise you will not be able to update your curriculum.


(3) Select ‘Edit this year’s curriculum’.


(4) Select the module from which you want to pick a course. In case you want to add a specialist course you will have to indicate whether you want to add it to your minimum set or compulsory programme (1.1; in many cases you will also need an approved application for recognition) or to your maximum set (1.2).

REMARK: In case you want to add your annual self-reflection report, or (upon submission of your curriculum for final evaluation) the publication/conference contributions and the doctoral defence, you can only add a pre-defined 'course' to the relevant modules (either 2.1, 2.3 or 2.4).

(5) Select a course from the programme catalogue of the current academic year.  Courses organised by the Doctoral School can be found under ‘Courses Doctoral Schools’. All other courses can be found in the relevant faculty.


REMARK: Check the UGent programme guide first on the website in order to know where to find the course you want to choose, as only this website has a search function. In order to add a course you will have to know in which module (and in which faculty) it is taught.

(6) Always select ‘Complete programme’ (left margin) to see all the courses of the Doctoral Schools or a study programme from a specific faculty. Click the green plus sign to add the course you want to follow. If a particular course is not scheduled in this academic year or cannot be added by you as a PhD student, the course will be greyed out. Select 'Back to editing screen'.


(7) After you have added the desired courses, you still need to 'Submit' each new course for approval. Do not forget to submit each course separately. Only when the status of the added courses is ‘approved’, these courses will officially become part of your curriculum.


(8) Should you wish to add a comment before submitting a course, you can do so in the available comment window (optional).


(9) You will notice that the status of each submitted course has changed to ‘Proposal’ (‘Voorstel’). The status of your entire curriculum however will still be ‘Draft’ (‘Ontwerp’). Select ‘View entire curriculum’ in order to check the status of each course.


REMARK: External course units (‘uitwisselingsvak’) do not have any status.

(10) Courses organised by the Doctoral Schools have to be approved by the Doctoral Schools. Regular courses from a particular faculty will need to be approved by both the teacher of the course and the Doctoral Schools. As soon as the status of the added courses is ‘Approved’ ('Goedgekeurd'), these courses will officially become part of your curriculum.