ReCOver++: Improving resilience of buildings to overheating

Well-insulated and air-tight buildings are vulnerable to overheating. Due to climate change heatwaves will become more frequent, intense, and last longer. As well extreme events such as power blackouts are expected to be more frequent. To achieve future-proof buildings, it is crucial to design buildings and systems that can withstand to such shocks and reduce the impact of shocks on thermal comfort in a building.

This concept, known as the resilience to overheating, is relatively new and therefore no assessment framework nor indicator exists. ReCOver++ project aims at improving the resilience of residential and small non-residential buildings to overheating, by investigating the impact of such extreme events on the design of future-proof buildings (project partners: Arcadis, Renson, archipelago R&I and KU Leuven).

Project Info

Research group: Building Physics
Duration: from 01-11-2022 until 31-10-2024
Researchers: Marijke Steeman and Abantika Sengupta