IDM: institute for sustainable mobility

The Institute for Sustainable Mobility (IDM) is a inter-facular network of various research groups of the Ghent University. Its goal is:

  • To strengthen and pool the expertise in mobility, transport and logistics within the Ghent University through the establishment of an inter-faculty / department-border cooperation in the field of research, teaching and services related to sustainable mobility.
  • To promote cooperation with civil society stakeholders such as businesses, citizens, governments, social institutions etc. on specific projects and pilots, in order to promote the implementation of the research, and to improve the innovative power of the solutions in Living Mobility Labs or test-beds for innovation.
  • To structure our coherent visitibility to the outside world, to serve as a point of contact regarding all mobility, transport and logistics studies at Ghent University, including our national and international network with uniform communication.
  • To serve as a departin point to enter strategic alliances with other partners (in Flanders, Belgium, Europe) more entrenched as strategic (international) partnerships.

The core of IDM is the interaction between human & business, tools & instruments, and space & governance. Around this core several other experitises on mobility serve as a robust shell. AMRP is part of the core and operates in the management team.


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