07-07-2022 How do you organize an abundance of data and information in a meaningful way?
09-06-2022 How do social networks influence our opinions?
07-06-2022 Plants as computational models
05-05-2022 How to better guard against malicious deception of artificial intelligence
10-02-2022 An intelligent tutoring system for software developers that makes software development more secure and faster
12-01-2022 Using neural networks to better predict behavior of mechatronic applications
03-01-2022 Better PET scans so even smaller tumors can be seen
15-12-2021 Can we soon predict who will develop epilepsy?
19-11-2021 Better medical prognoses and treatments thanks to AI in medical scanners
06-10-2021 Better uncertainty models that more accurately predict, for example, spread of infectious diseases
05-10-2021 Faculty Color Change
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08-09-2021 Speeding up microparticle analysis with photonics
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05-07-2021 New and important research results for better prevention of cardiovascular diseases
30-06-2021 How can the government use web technology to provide optimal service?
28-06-2021 Better electrocardiograms thanks to research by Dieter De Paepe
06-05-2021 Better PET scanners thanks to Medisip
02-04-2021 Research of Yera Ussembayev on the cover of Nanomaterials journal
02-03-2021 New photonic components thanks to Inge Nys
25-02-2021 Minister Peeters wants to work towards a better mobility in Zwijnaarde