IDLab helps to create solutions for safer work environments


Research group IDLab and Lopos (imec-Ghent University spin off) are involved in the TRINITY project by creating solutions to make typical industrial work environments a safer place for employees.

In this project, it is investigated how new localization technology (e.g. Ultra-wideband) can be applied to industry4.0 scenarios. The research is extensively tested and validated on the industrial IoT research infrastructure of IDLab. Several use cases are demonstrated: (i) ensuring social distance between the employees on the factory floor, (ii) preventing collisions between automated guided vehicles and employees, and (iii) automatic shutdown of a machine/robot if the operator moves out of the predefined safety zone or if an unauthorized person enters it. The industrial IoT lab enables fast prototyping of new technological solutions and serves as an intermediary step before deploying the solution on the factory floor. This greatly improves the overall product maturity and helps to identify possible issues at an early stage in the development cycle. The IDLab group also offers research infrastructure to support experimentation on AI/machine learning, cloud & big-data infrastructures, IoT & 5G, …

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