CircLean Label award for ECM UGent

(22-12-2022) On 31 October 2022, the UGent ECM research group was awarded the CircLean label by Technopolis group for its active participation in industrial symbiosis activities.

This Champion label is a token of commitment and compliance regarding the sustainability efforts of the ECM research group.


CircLean is the European network of stakeholders interested in fostering the future of industrial symbiosis in the European Union. It brings together industries, public authorities, industry associations and researchers. 

CircLean Label

CircLean developed a specific European industrial symbiosis label to certify that organisations and businesses are committed to be compliant with the CircLean monitoring and reporting approach for industrial symbiosis transactions. 

A label to enhance visibility, credibility, and transparency around the results reported from industrial symbiosis activities in the EU. 

To date, there is a lack of neutral third-party aknowledgement and visibility of industrial symbiosis transaction in the EU. This affects the credibility and transparency of the impacts reported from industrial symbiosis activities across Europe. 

That is why CircLean has worked on a European industrial symbiosis label. It will be awarded in recognition of engagement in industrial symbiosis and of the fact that all transactions are reported accurately and truthfully, based on the CircLean reporting methodology codesigned by the Members of the Network and approved by the European Commission. 

Organisations and companies that comply with the CircLean process will be eligible for the certification.  It will help compliant organisations and businesses to communicate their sustainability efforts. The attribution of the label aims to provide a signal to industrial symbiosis counterparties that the labelholder complies with a transparent methododology in order to ensure they are trustworthy partners to other operators.

Energy and cluster management (ECM)

ECM is the UGent research group Energy & Cluster Management in EMSME-EELAB, faculty of Engineering and Architecture. ECM focuses on concerted energy and resource management at business parks, on industrial sites, in cross-sectoral clusters or in urban-industrial hubs for circularity. It concerns characteristic interdisciplinary research, combining engineering & modelling skills with economic analyses, spatial planning, policy settings and social responsibility.