CLEVERTEX (2005 - 2008)

Development of a Strategic Master Plan for the Transformation of the Traditional Textile and Clothing Sector into a Knowledge Driven Industrial Sector by 2015 (SSA 517006).

The European project CLEVERTEX was finalized in March 2008 after a runtime of 2,5 years.  The project aimed at defining a plan and setting directions for future actions in research, education and technology transfer in the field of smart textile materials in order to transform the European textile and clothing industry into a knowledge-driven and sustainable sector by 2015.
To achieve this challenging goal, the work programme foresaw different actions that were closely correlated to and were built on top of each other resulting in a roadmap for smart textiles. The different building stones included an analysis of the available European knowledge base for smart textiles and an investigation of the socio-economic framework of the textile and clothing sector, as well as foresight studies, including a Delphi study to identify needs and barriers for the scientific and technological development of smart textiles, a Gap analysis and a feasibility study.

The different elements as well as the final roadmap were presented during the Interactive Textile Days in Portugal in March 2008.


Figure: The Clevertex roadmap development process


Prof. dr. ir. Lieva Van Langenhove ()