Development of C2C Artificial Turf (Desso) (2011 - 2012)

The direct reason for the project was Desso's mission to be a full Cradle to Cradle company by 2020, also the artificial turf department. The care for the environment and implementation is greater at Desso than with other artificial turf companies. Many companies think of recycling artificial turf, that is, reusing in other, inferior applications (especially in injection molding). This is downcycling and thus the product loses its original value. This means that a lot of value of the product is lost. Desso wants to go beyond recycling alone and therefore wants to recycle raw materials from artificial turf as a raw material for new artificial turf (yarn, tuft and coating).

The central idea of ​​the cradle to cradle philosophy is that all used materials after their life in one product can be used in another product. The first difference with conventional reuse is that there is no quality loss and no residual products that are yet to be shed.


Prof. dr. Dagmar D'Hooge ()

M.Sc. Stijn Rambour ()