Electrically Conductive Textiles

Electrically Conductive Textiles

Electrically conductive textiles are already used for years in various industrial application fields for the purpose of controlling static and electromagnetic interference shielding. Nowadays, textiles are modified to offer a good electrical conductivity to be applied in smart textiles. Here electrically conductive textiles are used as electrodes or as interconnection between the different components. In general, they can be classified into two categories, yarns and textiles being intrinsically conductive, such as stainless steel, and yarns and textiles that are specially treated or produced to gain conductivity, e.g. by metallization.

conductive yarn

Elastic electroconductive yarn


What are we working on?

In general, we develop different conductive yarns and textiles and use them for various applications. Hence, we

  • metallize yarns and textiles via electroless deposition of metals such as copper and gold
  • spin elastic and conductive yarns
  • print with conductive inks on textile materials

gold coated fabric

Gold coated textile electrode


Contact and Bibliography

Prof. Dr. ir. Lieva Van Langenhove