Ghent University delegation participated in “P-Cube” - Playing Public Policy interactive session

(14-12-2022) A delegation of staff and students from the department of Public Governance and Management participated in the event “(Digital) Democracy is a fundamental right; Design it, Implement it, Experience It”.

The event “(Digital) Democracy is a fundamental right; Design it, Implement it, Experience It” was held at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. Organized by Science for Democracy and EUMANS, the event brings together academics, citizens, activists, and representatives of the national, local and EU institutions. It aims at enhancing and protecting the democratic values and the rule of law in the European Union as well as facilitating the civic participation within the European Digital Citizenship framework.

Students were able to get a flavor of, and discuss societal participation in different pressing issues from multiple angles, particularly related to the protection and advancement of democracy and its connection to the right to science during different sessions. Furthermore, students and the general audience were also introduced to interactive modes engaging with policy education through “P-Cube” - Playing Public Policy - showcase and interactive session, by Professor Claudio Radaelli (Professor of Comparative Public Policy at the European University Institute and member of the Steering Committee of Science for democracy). This was followed by students’ participation in a European Citizens Assembly focused on the topic of end-of-life decisions across the European Union".