Info session 'Moore Grants & Incentives: PhDs entering a new world of innovation and discovery'

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Alumni , Employees , Students
28-02-2023 from 12:00 to 13:00
PhD Career Hub

Online Career Lunch Moore

At Moore Grants & Incentives we work closely with entrepreneurs and researchers to support them in acquiring highly competitive grant funding for their projects. Our team’s experience, proven track record and systematic approach supported by tools and methodologies are there to help organisations efficiently identify the right funding opportunity, coordinate, develop and write high quality proposals and then manage their funded projects.

At Moore Grants & Incentives we understand the challenges often associated with grant funding and international partnerships. Our grants expertise combined with up to date knowledge on innovation, science, technology and sector trends, and effective collaboration gives the funding proposals and projects that extra quality boost for success.

Moore Grants & Incentives is a dynamic and multidisciplinary team, where our differences are our strength, and where respect and trust are key. We go the extra mile to support our customers and above all each other

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