Rules and obligations

Basic rules

During the reservation process, an individual contract will be drawn up in consultation with the childcare initiative. An English translation of the Household Regulations will also be made available to you.

But childcare is not just a business transaction. We look to you as parent to be a close partner.

Communication is key. Keep us informed of changes (holidays, departure, prolongation, etc.) and specific requests.

Changing the schedule

The attendance schedule is drawn up in writing and is part of the child care contract. This enables us to keep track of the occupation rate of the individual groups and to guarantee that not too many children are accommodated at any one time.

If you require change to few or more days a week, always respected the minimum presence of 2.5 days on a weekly basis. The schedule can be changed once in a year in consultation between the parents and the child care UGhent. Within the scope you need to send a motivated request to . A change in schedule needs to be requested 90 calendar days in advances so as to enable us to fill day care places that become available again.

If you unexpectedly need an additional day, don’t hesitate to inquire whether the centre has a place for your child on that day.

What if my child gets ill?

A child that is too ill to take part in the normal activities at the centre, or that has a contagious disease, may not come to the centre. It is recommended that you have an emergency solution at hand for such cases.

If you have nobody to look after your child, some health insurance policies offer home care for children that are ill.