More details on the day-to-day operation of the nurseries is available in the Household Regulations


Normally, your child has breakfast at home before dropping it off at the nursery.

In case your child is bottle feeding, you must provide the milk powder and water. In case of breast feeding, mothers are allowed to come by personally (if this can be arranged) or bring along drained milk.

At the day care centre a hot meal is served for lunch. The menu is clearly posted. There is a choice between a regular menu or an  alternative (no kosher or halal meals).

What is taken care of by the nursery and what not?

All children are expected to be dropped off at the day care centre nice and clean and dressed.

Should your child need special care during the day, please talk things through with the nurses.

Make sure an extra set of clothes is available (every child has its own locker).

What to bring?

For the younger children (until they are part of the toddler group) disposable nappies are provided by the day care centre  for a supplement fee.

The use of re-usable nappies is possible upon consultation with the responsible of the day care centre and subject to the modalities determined by the day care center.