Ghent University joins the helm of European network and lobby organisation

(12-01-2022) Professor Ilse Derluyn has been elected to serve on the board of the EASSH until at least 2024, the main voice of the social sciences and humanities (SSH) towards the European Commission.

After rector Rik Van de Walle was re-elected for a second term as chairman of CESAER, an influential network of 58 European universities, Professor Ilse Derluyn from Ghent University will now also help shape European research, innovation and education policy.

Professor Derluyn, who as a professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences specializes in migration and refugee studies with a focus on psychosocial well-being, was elected member of the board of directors of the European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities (EASSH), the leading voice of the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) to the European Commission, on 4 November 2021. EASSH board members are elected for a three-year term. At least until 2024, Ghent University will therefore be able to lead the way in the domains of European (higher) education, research and innovation policy.

The two networks find each other on issues such as interdisciplinarity and the European budget for research and innovation. While EASSH advocates a better integration of the social sciences and humanities in the European research program Horizon Europe, CESAER strives for a better link between STEM and SSH, not only in Horizon Europe, but in the entire European Research Area.