Checklist: international PhD student arriving at Ghent University

Arriving in Ghent...

  • Depending on your time of arrival, you can spend your first night in Ghent at the accommodation that you have chosen or that has been arranged for you. If applicable, sign your housing contract. If applicable, get acquainted with the code of conduct for the university halls of residence.
  • Most students are expected to first report to their PhD supervisor or faculty department.
  • Present yourself at the Central Student Administration and finalise the enrolment procedure. You need to take into account that the formalities for an initial enrolment can take approx. 30 minutes (not including the waiting time once you've taken a ticket). Do not forget to bring your letter of admission, valid identity papers, your address in Belgium and other documents mentioned on the letter of admission.
    At the same time you also become a member of your chosen Doctoral School.
  • At the same time, you will be requested to pay the tuition fee. Should you have a credit card or a (Belgian) debit card, you can pay at the office. If you cannot pay by card, a bank transfer form with a structured reference will be given to you after completing the administrative enrolment formalities. The structural reference is unique to your enrolment and will automatically link your payment to your enrolment. You cannot pay in advance or by installments!
  • If the enrolment is completed and when UGent has taken your picture, you will be the proud owner of a student ID card. Keep this card with you at all time. You can use all UGent facilities, such as the Sports Centre, student restaurants, bike rent etc.
  • Your employment situation at Ghent University varies according to the way your PhD research is financed: inform yourself about your employment status.
  • All international students staying in Ghent have to report to the Foreigners' Registration Office within eight working days after arrival. Registration at host town consists of three steps: (1) online registration of your arrival, (2) confirmation of residence and collection of your residence permit, (3) deregistration at departure.
  • It may be useful to open a bank account, especially for PhD students who will be receiving a scholarship or allowance from Ghent University. At some banks, you have to present your residence permit and/or UGent student card.
  • Take care of your insurance policies. You are legally obliged to have a health insurance during your stay in Belgium. It might be wise to read up on health matters.
  • Once enrolled, you will receive an UGent account for all your ICT needs. Check out your webmail, Minerva and Athena platforms.