Horizon Europe Cluster 2: Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society

Structure of the Cluster 2 programme

The 2021-22 Work Programme of Cluster 2 is built around three central destinations:

  • Destination 1 – Innovative Research on Democracy and Governance (call ID: DEMOCRACY)
  • Destination 2 – Innovative Research on the European Cultural Heritage and the Cultural and Creative Industries  (call ID: HERITAGE)
  • Destination 3 – Innovative Research on Social and Economic Transformations (call ID: TRANSFORMATIONS)

Each destination is made up of specific research topics, which are launched as calls for either a Research & Innovation Action (RIA), an Innovation Action (IA) or a Coordination and Support Action (CSA).

You can find a more comprehensive overview of the opportunities and goals in Cluster 2 here.

Underlying ambitions and policies

Collaborative projects in Cluster 2 aim to increase our knowledge of how cultural and social diversity can boost European cohesion, inclusiveness and creativity across all areas of the economy, society, culture and governance. Research and innovation about the current developments in European societies can directly develop solutions to the many challenges for the future. Therefore, Cluster 2  strongly promotes synergies with stakeholders in the cultural and creative sectors. Projects are furthermore encouraged to embrace an interdisciplinary, cross-national and comparative approach and pick up on methodological advances in Social Sciences & Humanities, such as the ongoing big data revolution.

In order to more effectively tackle European and global challenges, the following areas in Cluster 2 have also been identified as lead areas for European partnerships:

  • Linking the past to the future: cultural heritage and the cultural and creative sectors
  • Social transformations and inequalities

Eager to set up a project? Get in touch!

Whether you just want to know more about possible opportunities for your research or you already have a concrete project idea, the EU team provides support on multiple levels:

  • General questions about the call modalities
  • Budget check and administrative check of project applications
  • Guidance and support at the start up of your approved project

  • Identifying opportunities and Proposal Intelligence
  • Strategic networking and partner scouting
  • Screening proposal ideas and enhancing proposal architecture and content