Watch the video: ‘Constitutionalizing the disregard of European Court of human rights’

(16-11-2021) On 15th November 2021, CERISE hosted Dimitry Kochenov from the Democracy Institute, Central European University with a lecture on the constitutional amendments in Russia in the global context of international law.

Whatch the video: CERISE Lecture "Constitutionalizing the disregard of European Court of Human Rights" - YouTube

The aim of the lecture is the critical analysis of the amendments to the 1993 Constitution of the Russian Federation, which entered into force on 4 July 2020. The talk focuses on the amendments having implications for the dialogue between international courts and tribunals and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. The lecture demonstrates that the amendments in question are not at all revolutionary and codify the established practice of the Russian Constitutional Court / draw on federal legislation. The amendments allow for non-execution of the decisions of international courts and tribunals which are found by the Russian Constitutional Court to be in conflict with the national Constitution, thus qualifying the operation of the monist approach to international law in the Russian constitutional system. The approach taken by the Russian Federation is considered in the global context of the rising scepticism vis-à-vis the decisions of international courts and their transformative potential. A detailed note published by ILM and co-written with Prof. Paul Kalinichenko (Kutafin University, Moscow), which the lecture is loosely based on, can be found through this link.

About the speaker:

Dimitry Kochenov Dimitry Kochenov leads the Rule of Law Workgroup at the CEU Democracy Institute and teaches at the Department of Legal Studies. His research focuses on the principles of law in the global context, with a special emphasis on the Rule of Law, citizenship, and the enforcement of EU values.