Metabolomics and untargeted analysis

With the rise of the genomic era, it has become clear that fungi have the genetic machinery to produce many more metabolites than are currently known. The Laboratory of Food Analysis is using HRMS-technology to enable comprehensive profiling of fungal metabolomes. Primary focus is on Aspergillus flavus, mainly known for its ability to produce the toxic and carcinogenic aflatoxins. Genome analysis of this fungus identified 55 gene clusters predicted to be capable of producing secondary metabolites. By using a strategy-involving gene targeting and HRMS-based comparative metabolomics, our researchers will unravel yet unknown metabolites produced by this fungi and determine the genes and the pathways involved in their biosynthesis. The Laboratory of Food Analysis is also applying HRMS for untargeted analysis to explore the diversity of secondary metabolites produced by other fungi, namely Fusarium, Claviceps and Alternaria Spp.

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