Nuclear Medicine

Research domain

  • Nuclear medicine with special interest in oncology and musculoskeletal imaging.
  • Radionuclide therapy with expertise in thyroid carcinoma en liver tumours.
  • Dosimetry in nuclear medicine

Research Topics

  • Active participation in a randomize controlled trial for radio-embolisation of hepatocellular carcinoma.
  • Imaging with radiolabelled TNF-blockers in rheumatology.
  • Theranostics in prostate cancer.
  • Theranostics in thyroid and Head & Neck cancer.
  • Imaging with 18F-PSMA in HCC.
  • Imaging in neuroblastoma.
  • Imaging in haematological malignancies.
  • Bone scintigraphy for the post surgical spine.
  • Intraoperative PET in oncology.
  • Dosimetry for frequently used diagnostic radioisotopes, part of the European MEDIRAD project together with the Medical Physics group.
  • Dosimetry in Y90 liver therapy, together with VINRad.
  • Image quality and tomographic reconstruction algorithms in PET and SPECT imaging, together with MEDISIP.


Prof. Dr. Vanessa Schelfhout