HSR Reseach Symposium, February 2021


Organoid Culture: New In Vitro Models of Development and Disease

On February 11th, our department organised its second Research Symposium on organoid culture.


  • (starting 00:08) “Gastruloids: stem-cell based model to study mouse and human post-implantation development in vitro” by Susanne van den Brink (Oncode Institute, Hubrecht Institute-KNAW and University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands)
  • (starting 27:32) “Modelling Marfan cardiomyopathy in vitro using cardiospheres” by Jeffrey Aalders
  • (starting 39:32) “A 3 DELTA assay: to quantify different cell death types in spheroids” by Robin Demuynck
  • (not recorded) “The MISpheroID knowledgebase as a transparency tool for spheroid research” by Arne Peirsman
  • (not recorded) “The impact of culture media on spheroids” by Eva Blondeel
  • (starting 49:40) “Next generation FLIM biosensors for imaging metabolism in stem cell-derived mouse intestinal organoids” by Ruslan Dmitriev