VSC Tier-1 info session

Learn more about the VSC Tier-1 infrastructure and how to write a good proposal

The current Tier1 supercomputer of the VSC is BrENIAC @ KULeuvenCompute time on Tier-1

  • for all Flemish researchers, free of charge
  • lower queuing times than on the HPC-UGent Tier-2 infrastructure
  • project based

Starting Grant

Full project grant

  • project allocations of 500 - 5.000 node days, for 8 months
  • evaluated 3 times per year
  • upcoming deadline is 7 October 2019

Info session

Recap of Tier-1 project types and tips & tricks on writing Tier-1 projects.

Bring along your questions, ideas or project draft for review.

  • Friday 27 September 2019 10h-13h00
  • Meeting room 'Parijs', building S9, campus Sterre, Krijgslaan 281
  • Sandwich lunch provided

Please register: https://webappsx.ugent.be/eventManager/events/tieroneproposals


Download the slides of this infosession

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