Bachelor of Arts in African Languages and Cultures

What is the BA in African Languages and Cultures?

The BA in African Languages and Cultures offers students a new and critical perspective on a continent virtually unknown to the majority of young people. Africa tends to be associated with misery, war, and hunger, but in reality it also stands for linguistic diversity, fascinating popular art, the power of grass-roots movements, and the innovative usage of new technologies. In our programme you will come to understand the true significance of these challenges and opportunities.

What does the course look like?

The three-year Bachelor programme consists of three main components: courses on African languages and linguistics; on African cultures, societies, and history; and on the role of language in African societies. You will learn Swahili and Lingála, and you will receive information about other African languages. You will also gain insight into the history, literatures, anthropology and the visual and material cultures of Africa. A number of optional courses and a research paper complete this BA programme.

Why study African Languages and Cultures at Ghent University?

The BA in African Languages and Cultures at Ghent University is unique, as this is the only place in Belgium where you can follow a full programme solely devoted to the African continent. The number of students is relatively small, which allows for a pleasant atmosphere amongst students and amicable interaction between students and professors. You will be given different opportunities to study and to do research abroad, including one semester in Africa.

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