Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies

What is the BA in Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies?

The Bachelor of Arts is a theoretical programme, focusing on three distinct artistic disciplines: history of art and architecture, musicology, and theatre studies. The first year of the three-year programme deals with the canon of Western art history as well as the broader spectrum of the humanities, with courses on philosophy, aesthetics and literature among others. In the following years, the programme evolves towards more specialized courses in which students choose between one of the three main disciplines. Minors are proposed in archaeology, history or literature.

What does the course look like? What are the aims of the course?

Three-year programme with a general first year for all students in art history. The second and third bachelor years comprise specialized courses, which can lead to acceptance within the Master’s programme of Art History. The aim and scope of the Bachelor in Art History is to provide students with a solid knowledge in Western art history; on a theoretical as well as on a methodological level.

Why study Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies at Ghent University

The Ghent University Bachelor of Arts distinguishes itself in its combination of art history, musicology and theatre studies.

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