Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

What is the BA in Philosophy?

The BA degree in Philosophy at Ghent University covers all main fields of study in the domain of philosophy. Students get a thorough historical introduction to philosophy with plenty of attention to primary texts. They will also study logic and philosophy of science, ethics, philosophical anthropology and aesthetics. Apart from learning about philosophy, students will also be challenged to develop their own philosophical thinking and skills.

What does the course look like?

First-year students in part take courses for meeting general faculty requirements. The rest of the curriculum is devoted to courses on logic, knowledge and science, on ethics and aesthetics, on the history of philosophy and textual analysis, and on philosophical skills and methodology. Students will also have to choose a substantial minor.

Why study Philosophy at Ghent University?

Studying philosophy in Ghent will offer you a unique mix of Anglo-American with continental philosophy. Of central concern is thinking through issues that emerge from the interplay and relations between science, philosophy and society. The curriculum is thematically organized and problem-oriented, and certainly not just a mere catalogue of established viewpoints.

Full programme