Comparing medieval political culture(s)

(22-09-2021) Prof. Jo Van Steenbergen co-edited impressive new comparative study of political culture in medieval Latin West, Byzantium and the Islamic world.

In August 2021 Political Culture in the Latin West, Byzantium and the Islamic World, c.700–c.1500 appeared with Cambridge University Press. The book offers a brand new - and very impressive - comparative study of three key medieval cultural and political spheres – the Latin west, Byzantium and the Islamic world from Central Asia to the Atlantic – roughly from the emergence of Islam to the fall of Constantinople.

It was co-edited by our Jo Van Steenbergen, prof. of Arabic and Islamic Studies, together with Catherine Holmes (Oxford), Jonathan Shepard (Oxford) and Björn Weiler (Aberystwyth). Jo is an expert on the medieval Mamluk empire. He is the PI of the ERC Consolidator Grant project on on the political history and historiography of 15th-century Egypt and Syria.

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