CCN meeting | Hannes Almgren (University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

30-06-2022 from 15:00 to 16:00
Henri Dunantlaan 2, room 2.3 &

CCN meeting | Hannes Almgren (University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada), Invited by Daniele Marinazzo

The usefulness of novel structural biomarkers for cognitive and motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease

Structural T1-weighted imaging can still reveal interesting new findings. In our research we study structural morphological features derived from T1-weighted scans with and without the use of artificial intelligence. Our main application is to model and predict cognitive and motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease and to assist its diagnosis. The methods and novel features we use in the context of Parkinson’s disease have the potential to be used for other neurodegenerative, psychological, and psychiatric pathologies.