A socio-spatial approach to innovation in residential care for people with multiple impairments. No one left behind.

PhD student: Vanessa Dermaut
Summary: Unlike the mainstream debate about inclusion and de-institutionalization, a socio-spatial approach departs from the impact of space on relationships and vice-versa. This offers opportunities to rethink residential care as an inclusive community, as a convivial encounter. From this perspective, the evolution of the research context is unraveled and an environmental analysis is performed as an exemplary case. A participatory action research is set up with various stakeholders to open up the research context to an inclusive community. From this socio-spatial research we conclude with general ideas that require a contextual translation.
PhD in Social Work
Promoter(s): Griet Roets, Stijn Vandevelde
Periode of time: January 2018 - September 2022