Carla Mingolla


In 2015 I graduated as a master in Communication Sciences, at Ghent University. In November 2016 I obtained a BOF scholarship at Ghent University. I am examining the influence of behavioral biases on sustainable behavioral change by using both qualitative methods (i.e., focus group studies) and quantitative methods (i.e., SEM, experimental design).

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PhD Project

In November 2016 I obtained a BOF scholarship at Ghent University. This PhD is an interdisciplinary research project between the Department of  Communication Sciences, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences and the Laboratory of Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine, that focuses on the development of effective communication strategies to convince beef cattle farmers to adopt a more sustainable use of acaricides. The objective of this PhD is twofold. Firstly, I am investigating the factors (i.e., rational factors and behavioral biases) underlying farmers’ adoption intention for diagnostic tools, enabling a more sustainable use of acaricides to treat mange in Belgian Blue Cattle farms. Second, I am investigating how these factors, in particular behavioral biases, can be used in communication strategies (e.g., PSA’s) to stimulate sustainable behavioral change.

Supervisors: Liselot Hudders, Veroline Cauberghe and Edwin Claerebout


Korte Meer 7, 1st floor, 9000 Ghent