The Conflict Research Group (CRG) is a member of a number of research and policy focused networks. Many of these are also hosted by CRG in Ghent.

Governance in Conflict Network (GiC-network)

GIC brings together international academic expertise on the intersection between governance and development in fragile and conflict-affected situations. Based at the Department of Conflict and Development studies at Ghent University (Belgium) the GIC network assembles all relevant expertise from within Ghent University, and connects it with leading international academic partners in the global North (EU, UK, Scandinavia, USA, Australia) and South (Sub-Sahara Africa, Middle East and North Africa, South and South-East Asia, Andes).

Global Studies

This multi-disciplinary research consortium aims at studying how global processes of social, economic, political and cultural change have structured our world in the past and present and given globalisation its current shape.  In keeping with the spatial turn in the Social Sciences and the Humanities, the consortium aims to question the boundaries and scales of space and place, focusing on the co-construction of the local and the global, with special attention to the historical and ethical dimensions of economic, political, social and cultural globalisation, and to (local) agency in global processes and world-making projects.

Governance at the edge of the state

Since 2014, the Conflict Research Group, together with the Department of Food and Resource Economics (University of Copenhagen), the Department of Geography (University of Zürich), and the Department of Urban and Rural Development (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) have organized an annual Summer School on 'Governance at the edge of the state'. Starting as reaction to the stereotypic depiction of conflict zones as anarchic and lawless, these summer schools want to stress the importance of research that starts from an empirically grounded analysis of the social relations and power structures that attempt to shape and organize public authority in contexts of conflict and violence. Through lectures by leading authors in these debates and the in-depth discussion of PhD student’s research papers by these international experts, they have provided a key opportunity not only for PhD students to present and discuss their work with senior researchers in the field, but also to further the debate in this emerging field.

The next summer school will be organized in Ghent in September 2018. More information about the program and the admission procedure will follow in spring.