Maurizio Totaro

Position: PhD FellowMaurizio Totaro w.png

Academic Interests:

His current research interests include the anthropology of oil and other natural resources, political ecology, new materialisms, assemblage and affect theories. Specifically, in his current project, he focuses on how subjectivities are produced and reproduced along the oil assemblage, especially in extractive zones; on the way oil extraction is experienced by people living and working in these areas; and on the production and representation of oil regions. Maurizio's geographical focus is on the post-Soviet space, in particular Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Other research interests include the study of the state, conceptualizations and manifestations of power, constructs and experiences of modernity, and the phenomenology of space and landscape.

Keywords: Subjectivity, Resource Materialities, Space, Oil & Gas, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Post-Soviet.



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Current Research Projects:

PhD Project: (Provisional) Oil, Space, and Subjectivity in Mangystau, Western Kazakhstan