Developmental Studies

GIES has developed a distinctive expertise in the study of multilateral and European Union’s policies and politics towards the so-called ‘Global South’, focusing in particular on ‘development’ cooperation, humanitarian aid and trade policies, and the various ‘nexuses’ between these and other policy domains (e.g. migration, climate change, health, security, …). Hence, GIES research covers a wide range of topics including coordination, aid effectiveness, financing for development, policy coherence for development, EU-Africa relations, civil society promotion, new aid providers, the UN Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. GIES has a strong tradition of combining field research in the ‘Global South’, at the EU institutions, and in international organizations (e.g. UN, OECD, WHO, ILO). In doing so, we pay particular attention to change and continuity, aim to go beyond the dominant North-South binaries, and seek to problematize the central tenets of the ‘development’ paradigm. Critical research on ‘development’ is driven by a concern about global inequalities, injustices, neo-colonialism and exploitation. As such it focuses not only on ‘development cooperation’ in the traditional sense but also on global justice in general.