Nengye Liu

Mr. LIU Nengye graduated from Law School, Wuhan University, China (Bachelor of Law 2004, Master of International Law 2007 as outstanding graduate).

Since Nov 2007, Nengye started his PhD research at Department of Public International Law/Maritime Institute, Ghent University, Belgium. He received a four years' doctoral scholarship from Ghent University, working on “Prevention of Vessel-Source Pollution, a Comparative Study between European and Chinese Law”.

Nengye has published extensively in international and national journals, e.g., Ocean Development and International Law, Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce, Journal of International Maritime Law and etc.

He has been actively presenting or participating in international conferences, seminars and other academic events in Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, UK, Singapore and South Africa during his PhD study.

In 2010, Mr. LIU was awarded "Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad" by Ministry of Education, P. R. China.