'Dr. Frederik Paulsen' Chair

The chair provides a framework for the further development of the NOPIA research group and the INPR (International Nocturnal Polyuria Research Group). These research groups, established in 2011, are now world-renowned. Alongside rather limited funding through the regular channels, their research funds come from different businesses.

The NOPIA-research group brings together 3 research topics:

  • Nocturnal polyuria and nocturia
  • LUTS (Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms) in older patients
  • Smart monitoring of incontinence


The aim of the chair is to bring together translational research in a range of fields such as, for example, circadian rhythms, and water and sodium retention in children, adults and older patients.


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Prof. Karel Everaert is a Professor in Neuro-urology and specialist in the Urology department of Ghent University Hospital. Prof. Everaert has been involved in over 50 clinical trials in neuro-urology and incontinence. His areas of expertise include: urinary catheters, sacral neuromodulation, and bladder function. He conducts clinical research into nocturnal polyuria, incontinence, and LUTS (Lower urinary tract symptoms) in older patients.