Calculate Your Study Success Rate

Study Success


Study success rate is the ratio between the number of credits you have obtained in the course of one academic year (i.e. by successfully passing exams) and the total number of credits you have taken up in that same year (i.e. the actual course units in which you have enrolled).

Study success rate is always expressed in percentages and will thus vary between 0 and 100. The higher the percentage, the more successful you have been.


To be able to assess whether or not a student makes sufficient study progress, we calculate every student’s success rate per academic year.

Based on these results, the university may impose measures for study progress monitoring (binding conditions or a refusal of enrolment).

It is important, in other words, that you keep an eye on your study progress throughout the academic year.

Calculate Your Study Success Rate

Good to Know

  • Always calculate your study success rate by academic year and by study programme.
    If you have a personalized learning track (GIT) and are enrolled in different study programmes (e.g. Bachelor’s and Master’s programme, or academic bridging programme and Master’s programme, ...), you will have to add up the credits of the course units per study programme (as they are listed on your transcript of records).
  • You can calculate your study success rate after each exam period.
    If you have not passed all the exams, you will only be able to calculate your success rate after the resit exam period (August-September).