Education in academic year 2021-2022

Information about taking exams in the second semester

All information about taking exams in the first semester of 2021-2022 is compiled here.

Information about education in academic year 2022-2023

On 26 April 2022 the Education Council approved the education framework for the 2022-2023 academic year. In the Education Tip ‘Education in the academic year 22-23’ this education framework is explained. 

General information about lecture recordings

In classrooms with fixed recording equipment this equipment can be used to make lecture recordings. In classrooms without fixed recording equipment, lecturers can record the lessons with the mobile recording sets in combination with Zoom or MS Teams. Find out where you can find them at your faculty. 

General guidelines, recommendations as well as specific tips on lecture recordings such as copyright, privacy, how to share lecture recordings, external parties, … can be found in the Education Tip 'Lecture Recordings at Ghent University'.

Corona guidelines for students - face masks, vaccination, testing, illness and quarantine

The most recent information on corona measures can be found on

Face masks 

The wearing of a mouth mask during teaching, evaluation and examination activities is not mandatory at the moment.
Also the wearing of face masks in circulation areas (hallways, stairs, elevators, etc.) is not mandatory. 

Wearing a FFP2 face mask is still recommended for medically vulnerable persons.


If you still want to get vaccinated, you can make an appointment in the vaccination point at Flanders Expo or in a vaccination point close to your home.

The student doctors cannot administer vaccinations.

Information for international students regarding vaccination, testing etc.


By completing this questionnaire (Dutch/French/German), you can estimate whether a test for corona (COVID-19) is useful. If you or the person for whom you are filling out the questionnaire has mild symptoms that could indicate corona, then after completing the questionnaire you can create your own code to have a corona test done. This code also allows you to apply for a quarantine certificate from the government.


Students who receive confirmation that they tested positive for COVID-19 should follow the instructions of their attending physician. They do not need to apply for a special status at Ghent University. The normal procedure that is foreseen for illness or force majeure can be followed. All information can be found on this page: What to do in case of illness or force majeure? 


Students in quarantine or isolation do not apply for a special status but follow the normal procedure for illness or force majeure. If students have mandatory on campus educational and evaluation activities during the quarantine or isolation period, they will request a quarantine certificate or absence certificate from their attending physician.

An online evaluation during the quarantine or isolation period is possible if the lecturer agrees. If that is not possible, the student is referred to the (on campus) catch-up exam within the same exam period. If students are no longer able to take all their exams within the same exam period, they have not passed and can automatically participate in the resit examination period. If they cannot take an exam in the second examination period either, and no catch-up exam is possible, they will have to take the course back into their curriculum in the next academic year.


The importance of good ventilation has been strongly emphasized in recent months. Ghent University has therefore purchased a large number of high-quality CO2 meters. From the beginning of the academic year 2021-2022, the air quality in all auditoria, classrooms and labs is monitored through the use of these CO2 meters. Based on this monitoring, measures have already been taken to improve the air quality in several auditoria and classrooms.

The CO2 meters are located at the desk of the lecturers and come with the necessary instructions. The CO2 meters work with 3 color codes (green, orange and red) whereby the lecturer - depending on the color code - may need to intervene to maintain or improve the air quality in the classroom. If certain values are exceeded, the lecturer is asked to report this so that appropriate follow-up actions can be taken. We continue to encourage lecturers to report any exceedance.

Exceeding the threshold values is not a reason for great concern or immediate termination of activities in the room. It just means that the air quality can be improved and better ventilation is recommended. Solutions for classrooms where the air quality is/remains a problem will be worked out per classroom. Lecturers do not have to look for a solution themselves.

If you have questions about this, please contact and/or the director of education of your faculty.

Study places

At the study places, also in the libraries, the full capacity can be used, provided that the CO2 concentration is constantly monitored. Maximum ventilation is necessary, so that the CO2 concentration remains below 900ppm. The capacity therefore depends on the ventilation capacity, so that the 900ppm CO2 is not exceeded.

Sharing lecture recordings and learning materials

Read the teaching tip on the do's and don'ts of sharing lecture recordings and learning materials for lecturers here.

For students, all information regarding the do's and don'ts of sharing lecture recordings and learning materials has been compiled here.

Study visits and study trips

Study visits and study trips can, in principle, continue. Foreign study visits and study trips must be organised in accordance with the travel policy of Ghent University.


Internationalisation as a strategic educational objective is important. When mobility is possible, this will be facilitated for Ghent University students and foreign students. More info on this page.

Who to contact in case of questions?

All questions in this regard can be asked to the Team Onderwijsondersteuning via

The sites below offer reliable information about all aspects of student life aside from corona virus rules.