Research Group Protistology and Aquatic Ecology (PAE)

The research group for Protistology and Aquatic Ecology of the Department of Biology of the Ghent University studies the diversity, taxonomy and biogeography of protists.
The group is involved in many interuniversity, national and international monitoring and research projects.
The PAE lab maintains a Diatom Culture Collection. Over 175 strains are currently available.
The PAE research facilities consist of a.o. a scanning electron microscope, an hplc, a GC/MS, culture rooms, ... and provides service to other labs and institutes.


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Contact information

Ghent University, Department of Biology, Research Group Protistology and Aquatic Ecology
Krijgslaan 281/S8
9000 Gent
phone: +32 (0)9 264 85 88
fax: +32 (0)9 264 85 99