Booking a venue

You can book the Palmarium and the Victoria gallery. Either option includes access also to the public greenhouses.


Takes up to 200 people
Bench space, sink, water heater and 2 refrigerators are available
Toilets are located next to the Victoria gallery

Victoria gallery

Takes up to 60 people
Bench space, sink, water heater and 1 refrigerator are available
Toilets on the premises
Opens up into the Victoria greenhouse
Power points are available at both sites, as well as a limited number of tables and chairs.

The following conditions apply:

To use a venue you need the director’s agreement.
Setting up is done during normal working hours, with at least 1 of our gardeners present. Plants shall be moved only by garden staff.
All buildings are strictly non smoking.
Users are to remove all materials as well as all rubbish at the end of the function.
The venues, and the refrigerators in particular, must be left in a clean and tidy condition.
Functions should end at 9 pm unless explicitly agreed otherwise.
Cars may enter the grounds for loading and unloading. Parking is not allowed in the garden.
Users make sure that all visitors leave the premises at the agreed hour to enable the caretaker to lock both the buildings and the garden.

For further information or to book a venue, please contact