Information for students


Examination boards

There are separate examination boards for Bachelor and Master educational programmes. Every examination board has a chairman and a secretary.

Bachelor of Science in Geology

  • Head: Prof. David Van Rooij
  • Secretary: Prof. Stijn Dewaele

Master of Science in Geologie (Dutch master)

  • Head: Prof. David Van Rooij
  • Secretary: Prof. Stijn Dewaele

Master of Science in Geology

  • Head: Prof. Jan Elsen (KU Leuven)
  • Secretary: Prof. Stijn Dewaele

Exam schedules

Examinations are conducted in three periods:

  • the first semester examination period: second week of January until first week of February
  • the second semester examination period: end May until first week of August
  • The second chance examination period: half August until second week of September

The exam schedules are timely made available on Ufora each year. They can be retrieved in the 'Documents' folders of the info sites:

  • Bachelor of Science in de Geologie (CBGEOL)
  • Master of Science in de Geologie (CMGEOI)
  • Master of Science in Geology (CMGLOG)

The Announcement dates of the exams follow the Education and Examination Code of Ghent University.

  • 29 November 2019 for the first semester examination period
  • 22 March 2020 for the second examination period
  • 15 July 2020 for the second chance examination period

The process of the examinations is described in the Education and Examination Code (Part III) and
practical information about the process is determined by the exam commissions.

The dates of individual and classical feedback is announced timely by the lecturers and the Faculty Service for Educational Support via Minerva.

Examination results are published via Oasis.



The course catalogue

An overview of all programmes at Ghent University, i.a. with information about courses and lecturers, and much more, you will find in the course catalogue.

Curriculum advise

The curriculum advise and regulations for a GIT-trajectory 2018-2019 (in Dutch).

Bachelor project

  • The overview of Bachelor projects 2019-2020 is to be found on the Minerva course page under the folder 'Documents'.
  • Guidelines
  • Evaluation forms for the Bachelor project
    • Evaluation forms for reviewers
    • Evaluation forms for internship mentors
    • Self-evalution form for the student.

Master dissertation

  • Students who can take the Master dissertation can make their choice known via the Department website, between 11 February 2019 and 5 April 2019.
  • An overview of available master dissertation subjects
  • Guidelines for the master dissertation
  • Evaluation form for the master dissertation