Reactive Sputter Deposition Conference

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The International Symposium on Reactive Sputter Deposition was established in Ghent in the year 2000. It provided a platform among leading international scientists, engineers and students for discussing recent achievements in reactive sputter deposition and thin films.

The Symposium has developed to an annual tradition, steadily growing without loosing its focus on reactive sputtering and its fundamental aspects. The symposium covers the production and use of coatings, from basic research to devices and new applications.

The past years the RSD symposium was organized by Belgian, Dutch, Austrian, British, Swedish and French research groups and was held in Ghent (BEL), Delft (NL), Leoben (AUT) , Manchester (UK), Linköping (SWE), Paris (FR), Braunschweig (D).

To our regret the RSD2021 conference is cancelled. More information can be found on the RSD2021 website (IOM, Leipzig, Germany).