Defect Characterisation and Infrared Spectroscopy : Facilities

Group Defect Characterisation and Infrared Spectroscopy : Facilities


Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy


Main instrument: BRUKER IFS 66v FT-IR (vacuum model), with spectral range between 10000 and 50 cm-1 (near- to far-IR).


Peripheral equipment:


  • Liquid helium cryostats; continuous flow; contact gas and cold finger;

BRUKER IRscope II infrared microscope (transmission, reflection, ATR objective)

Measurement modes:

  • Transmission
  • Reflection
  • Attenuated total reflection (ATR)
  • Photothermal ionisation spectroscopy (PTIS)
  • Microscope


Deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS)


Home built double lock-in instrument. Temperature range 5 to 400K (liquid helium and liquid nitrogen continuous flow cryostats). Electrical or optical filling pulse (laser diodes at 900 and 1500 nm wavelength).

Measurement modes:


  • DLTS: classical capacitance DLTS using electrical pulse
  • ODLTS: capacitance DLTS using optical pulse
  • OCDLTS: current DLTS using optical pulse
  • Sample preparation


Thermal annealing: programmable oven (Carbolite MTF)


Evaporation equipment (Schottky barriers, ohmic contacts)


Cutting (low speed diamond saw), cleaning, etching and polishing equipment.


Electrical characterisation


Resistivity, Hall-van der Pauw, C-V, lifetime (photoconductive decay).